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On the Aquitaine coast, at the edge of our beaches, are the incredible sand dunes.
At least a little bit...


Real "icebergs", the sand dunes of the Landes coast reveal only a small part of their greatness...

The dunes stretch for kilometres ! But also on the width, inside what is called the dune massif. The part of the dunes closest to the land is now covered by the largest public forest in France. These two dunes, wooded and not wooded, complement each other naturally. The coastal sand dunes protect the forest-covered area from erosion and silting and the woody dune favors the fixing of the sands...

Through this natural harmony, the forest allows :

• wood production

• preservation and shelter for fauna and flora

• eco-friendly hospitality for several visitors each year

These dunes, which are essential for the protection of cultivated forests, are sensitive areas that must be respected. They take on the color of the vegetation that makes up them :

• White or maritime dune is sparse of oyats, liseron or euphorbes.
• Grey dune is lined with mosses and lichens that help to fix the sand, real natural ramparts to maritime and wind erosion!

As part of its nature and respect for the environment, AOOY aims to raise awareness of the functions of these dunes and their preservation by :


• protection of biodiversity and ecological specificities ;

• prevention of natural hazards ; 

• protection of areas at risk to the environment ;


Therefore, we ask you to take special access to get to the beach (using the staircase), to avoid picking any of the plant species on site and to respect the natural surroundings. You actively participate in safeguarding a rich and unique environment while spending unforgettable moments in the heart of nature ! These conditions are essential to understand the real philosophy of AOOY project !

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