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AOOY, it's also many common living spaces with all comfort and arranged

in a spirit of proximity with nature and search of the essential !

Slow Music & Club

Kitchen & Dining room

A kitchen and a dining room allowing to receive all the inhabitants of the house on huge tables of guests, handcrafted in real French oak wood by a cabinetmaker artisan ! The assurance of sharing and conviviality moments, to discover the local gastronomy or simply to meet up with family or friends !

Terrace & Pergola

A 130m2 terrace and a pergola overlooking the vast ocean ! The perfect place for your aperitifs and meals in a paradise setting. The AOOY terrace is a real inducement to relax, like a sun bath between two ocean baths...


Only one word : magic !

Lounges & Jungle

The lounges of AOOY are rooted in this desire for authenticity and for a return to essentials. Equipped with television, the lounges will bring you moments of rest and reunion with family or friends after beautiful days full of activities ! Atypical space that will delight the youngest, the Jungle immerses you in the wilderness thanks to its playful decoration and tropical prints ! Let your kids climb into the cabin to enjoy a stunning view of the ocean...

The Traveler's Library

In this library, each book is an invitation to travel ! AOOY offers you these books to make them see the world. Like a bottle in the sea of culture, the villa offers you the experience of the Traveller’s Library : take a book, then offer one of your own in exchange ! Do not forget to write a little word in reference to your stay in AOOY, date and annotate an email address. A future traveller will take him home one day and perhaps write to you to share his experience of reading or travelling...

Slow Music

Pick up your favorite among the vinyl collection of AOOY, place your album on the record player, settle down comfortably and enjoy a moment of sound relaxation... that’s Slow Music!

The Jungle Boom Party Club

AOOY does not allow the realization of special and festive events ; on the other hand, its owners are attached to sharing, to the love of music and dance. So we decided that at night (but not until dawn) to the extent of reasonableness, respect for the house and our neighbor and friends, the Jungle could turn into : The Jungle Boom Party Club ! Take the Fatboys out to the adjoining lounge terrace, place the tables in front of the Club entrance to prepare your dishes and drinks, connect the spots and the faceted ball and enjoy the sound system to share with family and friends your best playlists (contemporary or vintage !). That’s it, you are members of the AOOY Jungle Boom Party Social Club!!!

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