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Located on the dune, facing the surf spot and 180 degrees of ocean, AOOY is a large beach house with 8 beautiful rooms that can comfortably accommodate 16 people.


AOOY is part of a program called « soft method for preservation of the dune cord » which has enabled it to stabilize the dune since 1952.


AOOY has its own direct and private staircase overlooking the beach.



Since 1952

Facing the horizon !

IMG_0111 2.jpg

A unique experience, Paradise on Earth !

Living on the beach, facing 180 degrees of ocean is a unique experience...


You will not be at 1 minute, 100 meters or any other allegory, you will be on the beach (thanks to your private stairs) the time of your stay!

Whether you like the contemplations of incredible colors, the sunsets or sometimes the tumult of the ocean, the AOOY villa will offer you every day a different light and decor.


A hymn to nature and simplicity... the essential !


In all weather,

for the whole family.


A land of culture, heritage and authenticity, the region offers its range of activities according to the elements and desires of each one. Whether you are looking for new sensations and sporting activities, a return to nature or cultural outings, Mimizan and its surroundings offer a wide variety of experiences to experience!

Renowned for its nautical activities, the resort is an internationally renowned surf spot. The approved surf schools in Mimizan offer you initiation and improvement courses during your stay!



AOOY is a typical, authentic and charming villa located on the coast of the Landes area (New Aquitaine - France). Built in 1952, it was for more than 65 years only reserved for a private use. Today, its new owners have chosen to share this place with guests who respect the villa, the environment and the preservation of its fragile eco-system (a soft method of preserving the dune cord).

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