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Mimizan - Since 1952

AOOY, a house facing the horizon

A historic villa, 300m² of comfort, direct and private access to the beach,
the horizon as the only one opposite. AOOY, the assurance of an exclusive stay!

Located in Mimizan in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the south-west area of France, the AOOY villa offers direct access to the beach and the ocean (private staircase). A family place, ideal for lovers of change, nature or tranquility. Authentic and elegant, the villa faces Remember, mythical beach and spot for surfers or waves baths lovers (monitored in season on either side of the house).

The villa AOOY is a large private villa that can comfortably accommodate 16 people, located in Mimizan in the department of Les Landes, feet in the sand and facing the Atlantic. Offering exceptional and direct access to the Ocean Beach and its surf spot (Remember Beach), its common areas and its typical atmosphere make it a totally unique and privileged place!

Located on the dune, AOOY is the ideal place for lovers of beach, surf, nature, tranquility... The concept is unique, between the comfort of a prestigious place and the freedom of an accommodation in the heart of the sand dunes, in perfect harmony with its natural setting.

For our surfing guests, AOOY is also a real viewpoint to choose the best spot before going to the water. Its position in the front line and in the heights on the dune gives a strategic point of view at 180 degrees over several kilometers (in clear weather you will see Spain) to choose the best point of the Barrel ! Look, choose, and go to the beach via our private staircase ...



Sleep comfortably in an

exceptional and preserved

natural setting !


In Villa AOOY, beyond communion with nature, another thing is sacred : sleep.

Comfortably equipped, each room offers its own reference to the most beautiful beaches of the South-West Atlantic coast and has stunning ocean views. You will find the rooms : La Corniche, L'Océan, La Chambre d'Amour, Remember, La Milady, La Madrague, Les Dunes and finally, Les Sables d'Or… Here, everything has been done to ensure that you spend deep, serene and restorative nights, after long and beautiful days by the ocean and evenings contemplating the Milky Way. The professional bedding of French manufacture is the same as those of the largest palaces, the model chosen is the one you will find notably at Bristol in Paris or at Negresco in Nice (French Riviera). The configuration of the beds is modular according to your wishes, either in double single version (2 beds in 90x200) or in king size version (180x200). On the other hand so that the bed linen and bath linen are at the height of comfort, the AOOY villa has chosen a professional provider who will guarantee you a perfect hygiene and a feeling of softness in thick sheets entirely made of cotton, exactly those you will find in the famous Hotel du Palais in Biarritz. 


And finally the most important and unique thing, the inimitable thing that you will only live very rarely : once you slide into your bed, you will enjoy the soft natural rocking of the waves and ocean : this is the exclusive experience of AOOY sleep !

Spend a beautiful night, stars are watching over you...


AOOY villa it's also many living spaces with unparalleled comfort and arranged in a spirit of proximity to nature and of search of essential !



Nestled in a natural setting, AOOY joins the sands dunes of the coast. Truely a corridor of sand, ocean and forest, this ecosystem stretches over 200 kilometres. A strong landscape of the Landes area, which in itself constitutes a remarkable heritage !

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