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Nestled in its natural setting, AOOY marries the state dunes of the Landes coast. A true ecological and natural corridor, almost continuous for more than 200km, the dune forest is located between the Ocean beach and the lagoons of the Landes area. A stronghold landscape of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, it is a remarkable heritage and offers its share of activities in the midst of nature !


For a long time, the local surfers of the Landes coast have been able to tame the beautiful waves of their beaches !

A world-renowned surfing and skiing ground, Mimizan offers everyone access to this emblematic practice, whether you are an initiate, an amateur or a beginner. Not to mention the many nautical activities offered ! Between monitored areas and isolated spots, Remember Beach will delight the less adventurous like seasoned surfers ! In summer, the weather conditions are often ideal for the organization of sessions according to the desires and the elements ! For the most patient, the end of the day promises an unforgettable moment of communion with nature, between sunset and endless horizon...


On the Aquitaine coastline, on the edge of our sandy beaches, you can see the incredible sand dunes. At least, a small part of it…

The dunes stretch for nearly 200 kilometres along the coast ! But also on the width, inside what is called the dune massif. The part of the dunes closest to the land is now covered by the largest public forest in France. These two dunes, wooded and not wooded, complement each other naturally. In addition to its 10km of world-famous beaches, Mimizan is a real leisure and relaxation field in the heart of nature...


Europe’s largest culture forest, the Landes de Gascogne forest is distinguished by its symbolic and ubiquitous tree : the maritime pine !

Mostly private, this young forest is nevertheless accessible to the public thanks to its numerous bike paths and trails designed for a reasoned reception of the public.


A true ecosystem that evolves with seasons, it's a characteristic flora and fauna that is discovered there. A breathtaking environment, 100% natural and fully preserved !


A spirit based on values, such as the preservation of biodiversity, the preservation of the environment and the fair remuneration of producers.

Consuming good, clean and fair means thinking at the local level, reducing the carbon footprint of what you taste and favoring short distribution channels that promote good compensation for producers! And in terms of typical culinary specialties, the Landes have nothing to envy to the others areas ! Discover all these specialities that are originally certified in the traditional markets and producers of the region. A way to discover local culture and heritage while promoting the responsible economy on short circuits ! All AOOY spirit!

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